Rakesh Rajdev

Know About Rakesh Rajdev A Great Philanthropist Of The Society

Rakesh Rajdev is a highly passionate person when it comes to serving the nation and society. He spends most of his time and efforts working for the well-being of society. Since his childhood, he would always say that he couldn’t see people suffering from poverty.

Hence he decided to strive for the nation and wipe out the deprivation from society. Being as kind-hearted as his late father, he took the great initiative of opening an NGO. Being a successful businessman, he has countless blessings in life.

He runs a three-star hotel namely Roma Kristo Hotel in Dwarka. It is a popular hotel which is the first choice among travellers and pilgrims. Recently Rakesh Rajdev has also founded companies namely APM Intl DMCC, APM Capital and APM Bullion where one can get a wide range of wholesale services. Here one can get physical gold or silver and also trade these precious metals.

Rakesh Rajdev

Apart from running these businesses successfully, Rakesh also supports countless families and persons. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic time, he supported them in many ways. Nobody will be left deprived and worn out – this is the main motive of Rakesh in running the NGO namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

With his social welfare organization, he supported students, labourers and hospitals. For the students, he offered water bottles, notebooks, school bags, lunch boxes and other necessary stationery items. For the deserving students, he also offered food packages.

Labour community where suffering a lot during the pandemic time. Hence he offered food packages, grocery packages and sanitizing materials so that they will not face any challenges. For the hospitals and medical centres, Rakesh Rajdev sent beds, sanitizing materials, testing kits and other necessary medical equipment so that the medical staff can continue offering treatment to the patients.

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