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Endorsements Offered By Rakesh Rajdev To The Society

Rakesh Rajdev

Endorsements Offered By Rakesh Rajdev To The Society

Rakesh Rajdev in the Western Indian state – of Gujarat is a highly passionate person when it comes to serving the nation and working for the well-being of society. Rakesh bhai Rajdev always says that he couldn’t see people suffering poverty at any cost.

Hence he decided to strive for the nation and wipe out the deprivation from society. Being a kind-hearted person like his late father Prataprai Rajdev he took the great initiative of opening a social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitr Mandal.

Being a business owner he is a blissful guy and has countless blessings in life. He is running a three-star hotel namely Roma Kristo Hotel at Dwarka. Also, they run the UAE-based companies namely APM Intl DMCC, APM Capital and APM Bullion. These are trading companies where one can buy or sell precious metals such as gold and silver.

The main motto of the NGO is that “Nobody will be left deprived and wornout”. This charity and welfare organization have been a supportive organ to countless families and people in society. He has successfully supported labourers, daily-wagers, deserving students and other suffering folks in society.

For the students from Grade 1 to Grade 9, Rakesh Rajdev offered the educational kits which include school bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, water bottles, notebooks and other necessary stationery items. For the deserving students, he also offered food packages.

For the labourers and the daily wagers, he offered food packages, grocery packages and sanitizing materials. To several families, he sent things through 34 trains to the suffering people’s hometowns itself. In short, not even a single train left the place without aid during this time.

For the medical centres and hospitals, Rakesh Rajdev offered beds, sanitizing materials, testing kits and other necessary medical equipment so that they can offer continuous treatment to the patients.

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